14 March 2018

Lately I have been going through the biggest style rut. As much as I had been wanting to buy and wear shirts, the weather basically stopped me from doing so. It has been insanely cold over the past few weeks. When I finally had come to realize that I was just going to wear shirts even though it's cold, I came to the conclusion that I barely had any shirts left as I had a massive clear out in my wardrobe at the beginning of winter. Therefore I decided to get myself a few new shirts and tops, that I wanted to share with you.


12 March 2018

Every year I look forward to spring again. As much as I love winter and dressing for winter, during the end of February I am just longing for spring and summer. Spring is really waiting to show its face this year and it has made me appreciate everything about Spring so much more. There's just so many things that I look forward to this spring that I am dying to share with you. The outfit I'm wearing however, couldn't be any less spring-esque. But we're keeping it real on the blog, because that's basically my reflection on how I want it to be spring, but spring just cannot be found anywhere, anytime soon. Which leads to me wearing jumpers because still don't have double digit weather..


9 March 2018

Last week was weird. We had some extremely cold weather and we even had snow in the beginning of March. To me that’s pretty insane, and I am pretty sure that I have never seen snow during March. It’s been weird to think about spring with last week’s cold weather, but I am slowly but surely transitioning my daily outfits from winter to spring, and this outfit is one of my go-to outfits for this type of weather. It consists of a few standard items in my wardrobe that are definitely worth mentioning.


7 March 2018

Since the beginning of March I have been trying to eat a lot more healthy. February was a month filled with birthday cake and lots of other treats. During the month it was starting to affect my health and my mood. I started to get a bit more of a breakout and was constantly tired. Therefore I decided to cut back on the sugars in March, as well as adapt a bit more of a healthier lifestyle. Ever since last week, I have incorporated some more veg into my day to day life and so far am really enjoying eating healthy again. For lunch I am mainly eating salads nowadays, and this has been one of my go to salads to eat. It's super easy, tasty and filling, which is always something I look for in a salad!


5 March 2018

Hi! I literally came back from Brussels last week and I am so excited to share all of the photos that my friend and I took on the blog with you. All of these photos that we shot got me so excited for March. I have so many great ideas and things planned for March. March is only just beginning and I want to make March such a productive and happy month. Halfway throughout February I caught the flu and somehow lost all of my productiveness and willpower to be active. To get myself back into the swing of things, I have set myself a few goals I want to focus on during the month of March.

Like I said before, there are quite a few exciting things happening in March. It felt necessary to set these goals to keep myself organized and to prevent my head from overflowing. I am definitely going to share all of these exciting activities in some sort of a Sunday post on the blog at the end of the month. I am going to enjoy this month to its fullest while keeping track of the goals I am mentioning below.